Documentation Updates

All documentation changes will be tracked here. Review the REST API CHANGELOG for new API releases and the Javascript SDK CHANGELOG for changes in the Javascript SDK.

Notes Date
Add Virtual Account & additional ACH Return docs 2021-07-30
Add additional Card Detail Info 2021-02-22
Add documentation for Cash Transfers, Bank Transfers, and Bank Redirects 2021-02-02
Update 3DS Guide, ThreeDSecureAuthentication Endpoint Docs 2020-12-10
Add Idempotency Key Guide and Transactions Endpoint Docs 2020-10-09
Add ACH Return and ACH Notification of Change Documentation 2020-01-17
Add notes to currency and precision attributes in Transactions 2019-10-17
Add Javascript SDK Docs and Transaction Update Endpoint 2019-09-13
Initial public documentation release for API V1.0.0 2019-07-11