Current Version

The most recent major version of the API is v1


All updates and modifications that affect the API can be tracked in the CHANGELOG

Versioning of Endpoints

As you will notice in the documentation, all endpoints are prefixed with the /v1 path denoting the current version you are requesting. OpenTransact uses part of the path for versioning and after the stable release of v1, there will be no backwards incompatible breaking changes to the API without bumping the major version number (ex: v2).

Non-Breaking Changes

There are some categories of changes we may make to the system which developers should be aware of when building integrations and should design their code defensively in such a way that these types of changes do not break their integrations.

The following changes may be made to the API without bumping the major version number:

  • Adding a new endpoint
  • Adding a new method to an existing endpoint (eg: PUT, DELETE)
  • Adding a new attribute to an existing type: request(optional only) or response
  • Adding a new optional query parameter to an existing endpoint
  • Adding a new value to enums, ex: status field
  • Adding a new relationship type to polymorphic relationships (relationships that can be linked to different types of objects in the system)
  • Making a previously required attribute optional (but not vice versa)
  • Changes to the documentation to correct a typo or incorrect information
  • Bugfixes in the API where the documentation is correct but actual behavior did not match
  • Response format changes in Payment Processing Connectors or Data Providers