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Version Notes Date
v1.0.19 Idempotency-Key Support and Transactions List Endpoint 2020-10-09
v1.0.17 Dimoco and Weighted Round Robin Load Balancing Support 2020-04-21
v1.0.12 Allow Card Brand to be used in Rule Conditions 2020-03-30
v1.0.11 Support ACH transactions at NMI 2020-03-21
v1.0.10 and IDology support 2020-01-31
v1.0.9 Better ACH Return and ACH Notification of Change Support 2020-01-17
v1.0.6 Send all supported metadata to card gateways 2019-11-14
v1.0.5 Transaction support for all valid ISO 4217 currencies 2019-10-17
v1.0.3 Add Update Transaction Endpoint 2019-09-13
v1.0.2 Add related existing-account to Error #11006 2019-08-05
v1.0.1 Allow revalidation of accounts 2019-07-30
v1.0.0 Initial public documentation release for API V1.0.0 2019-07-11