All changes to the Javascript SDK will be tracked here. Review Documentation Updates for changes and adjustments that may only be present in the documentation site and the API Changelog for changes to the REST API.


Version Notes Date
alpha-9 Fix regression in alpha-8 2021-01-18
alpha-8 All Errors throw standard error object, throw when preauth errors 2021-01-17
alpha-7 Fixes Client Polling, timing bugs, and issues with atomic event triggering for 3DS 2020-12-30
alpha-6 Add billing address details to Account object, handle multiple runs in some elemnt for 3DS 2020-12-28
alpha-5 Additional Resource Support, 3DS Fixes 2020-12-22
alpha-4 Fix 3DSecure Element Embedding 2020-12-17
alpha-3 3DSecure Updates, Doc Fixes 2020-12-16
alpha-2 3DSecure Support, Polling 2020-12-10
alpha-1 First alpha release 2019-09-13